When the Unconscious becomes Conscious…

The Faceless guitar player…

The soldier,

The servant,

The mountain.

He emerged from my unconscious,

As a god of the Atlantic Sea.

The dark prince, a hero, and a monster…

I wonder if he will forever remain locked in consciousness.

His bravery ignites a fire within me.

I want him, yet he remains beyond reach

Someone to teach…

Everything I cannot see.

Somehow I always knew

I deeply desired you.

Asleep, a princess awaits…

a prince who will only dance before her,

Provoking desire, opening hell’s gates…

Tantalising lust, yet never daring to kiss her.

He is a mystery,

Yet somehow, also a tree of knowledge.

An enigma of unknown and captivating history,

Whose presence, I consider a tremendous privilege.

The hermit, he is a silent inquisitor,

Wandering and questioning, yet seldom speaking,

A thoughtful investigator

Always seeking.

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