A dumb-ass horse to poisonous waters,

is what I am…

With a desire that never falters,

giving way too much of a damn.



my shrinking flesh,

my brittle old bones,

And you, always cool and fresh

playfully throw stones.

You have no idea, not a clue

About the great big iceberg

that lurks beneath these depths so blue.

He teases, he cuts with his words

the very heart of me.


I want his undivided attention,

But I have no right to hope

For his affection,

And yet, I tighten the rope

with false hope and expectation.

I want more words

as is custom to our conversations…

I want him, all of him, but it’s too much,

for I have no claim to his touch.


for salvation,

that will never come.

-Sorting through some feelings…

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